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School of Shaolin

Sigung Michael Voss has been preserving the Tai Mantis Kung Fu system by traditional teaching methods for over 30 years at the School of Shoalin. Sifu Tristan Frankus has spent 16 years training under the Sigung Michael Voss’ guidance.

Coon Rapids MN


Rick WinG

Sifu Rick Wing was a disciple of Sifu Wong Jack-Man in the style of Bak Si Lum. Sifu Rick Wing preserves the art of Bak Si Lum through his published works, seminars, and classes, which Sifu Tristan Frankus has been honored to attend.


Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association

Sifu Tristan Frankus learned about the the history and execution of Lion Dance Techniques from seminars taught by Shifu Nelson Fierra.

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Made 2 Live Crossfit

Sifu Tristan Frankus has partnered with Made 2 Live Cross Fit