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Open House This Sunday!

Looking for a fun way to increase focus, confidence, and get in shape? Try a Traditional Kung Fu class and see if it’s right for you! Get 50% off your first two months if you register at or before our OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY! Join in on classes between 11am and 1pm then stay, or come, to chat and have refreshments from 1-4pm.



Find out about the Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu, our Kung Fu philosophy, our Kung Fu lineage, and our connections with the Martial Arts community.


Get Moving

Ready for a great workout? Try out a class for free before deciding if Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu is right for you!

Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu teaches martial arts classes in a forms based system in Newport MN. Sifu Tristan Frankus has 17 years of experience and the lineages for his forms reach back to the Shaolin Temple. Try a class for free and see if Traditional Kung Fu is right for you!

Whether you are interested in self defense, need a great place to work out, are interested in learning Kung Fu or just want to try something new and unique in our busy world, Academy of Shaolin Kung Fu offers a great place for all walks of life and all ages.